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Indian Balance
Den Körper bewegen, während die Seele ausruht!

Expert statements

    Aho. My name is Hunting Wolf (North Cheyenne American Indian). Since 25 years, I represent the Native Indian culture and tradition in Europe. It must have been the will of the great spirit that Christian’s an my paths crossed and that a nice friendship has developed by now between him and me. Now, I would like to address a few words to the topic of Indian Balance. It is a connection between body and soul based on music variations to the end of active relaxation. Christian and I want to join earlier times with today’s modern century. The calm sounds of the Native Indian flute, matching the sound of Indian Balance, let the body move and the soul rest.
Experience the fascination of Indian Balance, enhance your well-being by fleeing the daily routine and let yourself being transferred into your inner self.

Hunting Wolf


Bring your body into alignment functionally and mentally: Indian Balance is an established way

Dr. med. Wolf Siegfried Schriewersmann (Medical specialist for general practice & natural cure) about Indian Balance:

“A lack of movement in connection with stress in all possible situations of life is a common problem in our hectic present days. Therefore, I, being an orthodox medical practitioner, am especially happy to have found with Indian Balance a way of training that not only forms a bridge between our evidence based medicine and a traditional ethnic cure but also combines body training and mental stabilization in a wonderful way. Native Indian tradition in harmony with modern kinematics do care for growing physical fitness and mental freshness for the good of my patients.
From my own experience as an Indian Balance instructor I can certify the program with universal skills. With appropriate tailoring of the exercises, the trained sportsman finds a workout program which also challenges his body.
The absolute un-athletic person learns exercises that do not demand too much of him and, at the same time, show him that a little movement is better than no physical sports at all. Indian Balance is also a special way of antenatal exercises. Extra pounds vanish automatically with growing enhanced mobility, including better metabolic parameters.
Being an “energetic physician”, I am happy if the measuring of participants show that the battery, that was “empty” at the beginning of training is fully recharged at the end of the course – even if you discover muscles which you almost completely forgot about the day after. Physical physiology and body perception more and more refine and, just as easily, you realize how lightly you can find inner unity with yourself and your surroundings can be rediscovered.

Dr. med. Wolf Siegfried Schriewersmann
Medical specialist for general practice and natural cure