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Indian Balance
Den Körper bewegen, während die Seele ausruht!
Christian De May

Interview with Christian de May


What is Indian Balance?

Indian Balance means: Native Indian knowledge of body energy flow combined with modern kinematics. It is a fitness program for all age groups with the goal to bring body and soul into balance. What is the Native Indian knowledge of body energy flow? Native Indian traditions did not have a religious system or an interpretation of Holy Scripture in which you could read or look up any particular subjects. Native Indians read the book of nature, enjoy the chapters of seasons, roam with sun and moon and elegantly swing with the birds. In this way, they are perfectly adapted to the circle of life: they act intuitively and move confidently, centered and elegantly.


What is special about Indian Balance?

Special about Indian Balance is that all movements are connected with each other in constant change of contraction and relaxation: from the 1. path of concentration, to the 2. path of mobilization up to the last path of deep relaxation. The aim is to actively move our body, at the same time, enjoy each exercise and to let our soul come to rest.


Where does Indian Balance derive from, who invented it and why?

In 1912, my great-grandfather founded the first Native Indian school and social mission in Chile. Due to our family tradition, conveyed wisdom and long-year friendship to Native Indians, I did learn a lot during my childhood. My occupation as therapist made it easy for me to decide to combine Native Indian tradition with modern kinematics. Another motivation was and still is the long-year friendship to my indigenous teachers.


What does impress you most about the Native Indian way of life?

The close relationship to nature and respect for the animal world have always fascinated me. Also, the Native Indians’ elegancy and carefulness in moving their body, in dancing and deep feeling when singing.


What has the music that we hear during the exercises got to do with Indian Balance?

As the music was adjusted to each individual Indian Balance motion it is a specialty. In order to stimulate our senses, we designed each acoustic pattern together with the Native American Indians and highland Indians of South America and harmonized them with the IB moving elements.




What do the exotic-sounding names tell us?

Within the Indian Balance program we have names like Kimama – the butterfly, Lulu – the rabbit, Wakanda – inner magic power or Amitola – the rainbow. They serve to visualize the exercises and enhance our fantasy with musical support. The Indian Balance’s aspiration is to experience the exercises in a calming and harmonizing way but also with highest profit for your body.


What else would you like to tell trainees?

Awareness and patience! Energy flows where attention goes. This message has been accompanying me for a where long time. And I am very happy to see that, no matter what age groups, people have become more aware of themselves and their surroundings so that unexpected success comes faster. Indian Balance is easier than you think and can be applied in every stage of life – no matter if you are stressed or relaxed. Indian Balance manages to create a balance between relaxation and motion.