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Indian Balance
Den Körper bewegen, während die Seele ausruht!

How do I become an Indian Balance instructor?


Education, workshops and trainingWakanda

The Indian Balance world of education comprises the entire indigenous kinematics and the holistic native integration technology as well as the Aponi massage technique and energy teaching. Every teacher, therapist, instructor or general interested has got an unlimited source of exercises and techniques to choose from for himself and his participants; either from the choice of active kinematics or the manual body and energy utilization.



For whom and further ways

Getting started is possible for all age groups and all fitness levels.

Since 2005, Indian Balance class programs are offered; let it be sports clubs, community colleges, athletic union DTB Deutscher Turnerbund and its national associations, also the Austrian sports and health professional association, the Austrian “Kneipp” club and its “Aktiv” clubs as well as fitness and health facilities. Indian Balance classes enable these institutions to find new focuses and to generate new participant profiles of all age groups in connection with existing members.