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Indian Balance
Den Körper bewegen, während die Seele ausruht!

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Special features of the indigenous program

The exotic-sounding names of the individual exercises within the IB program derive from Native Indian traditions and their energy and power images describing a specific scenario and having their own symbolism. Spirit. Through the visualization of chosen power images, as for example the exercise “Kimama” (translation: butterfly), imagination of the participants is encouraged and the sense perception inspired. This leads to a high recall value and identification within the exercise sequences. It also leads to precise specification and playful body, movement and breathing exercises.

Ethnological characteristic: The Native Indian acoustic world

 The special-composed Native Indian music with the highland Indians used within the classes does provide the ambient support. It invites you / us to move in harmony to the Native Indian rhythms and experience them.


Bring your body into alignment functionally and mentally

Indian Balance is a body-mind-soul program for the whole body. It awakens our spirit and synchronously brings deep relaxation to your soul. The exercises and motion sequences stand out deeply due to their individual harmony and elegance. Powerful motions are alternated by smooth and sensate movements. Flowing changes between tension and relaxation easily settle us down and deepen our physical and mental balance. The exercises have a lifting impact and are strengthening and preventative for our bottom, legs and back. They support malleability and elasticity of our spine. They are intensive but protective for our joints and easy to comprehend.


Intuition, mental strength and courage – Native Indian virtues

 The Native Indian tradition embodies virtues which we often miss in our modern achieving society: mindful treatment of our body and soul as well as nature; honesty, acting intuitively (gut instincts), mental strength, courage, bravery and sense of responsibility. Where do these imaginations derive from? What do they have in common with reality? Well, Native Indians really do live these virtues. There are Native Indians even in our time who protect this preciousness like a treasure. And, bit by bit, the Western World starts to rethink: The precious positive energy more and more returns to the people’s hearts which is also reflected by the growing interest in holistic health and its techniques. The basis is the naturalistic spirit of the Native Indians and their close relationship to nature. Involving all age groups, the wise council of elders and the early integration of the youngest create the centre of the Native orientation.


For whom and further ways

Getting started is possible for all age groups and all fitness levels.

Since 2005, Indian Balance class programs are offered; let it be sports clubs, community colleges, athletic union DTB Deutscher Turnerbund and its national associations, also the Austrian sports and health professional association, the Austrian “Kneipp” club and its “Aktiv” clubs as well as fitness and health facilities. Indian Balance classes enable these institutions to find new focuses and to generate new participant profiles of all age groups in connection with existing members.


An important feature is the native abdominal breathing (Kahuna tradition) through the mouth

Applying this method, we are able to activate our breathing potential and to use our breathing space most efficiently. Moreover, the Native breathing technique does support us to obtain energy and vitality, to relieve tensions and stress, restlessness, depressive moods and states of exhaustion. By utilizing the combined breathing technique we are able to physically and mentally reach more balance, tranquility and inner calmness.


Rediscover the native physical feeling!

 Today, native natural knowledge is more wanted than ever: athletes as well as untrained people trust more and more a natural understanding of body and soul and its derived healing and motion techniques which are approved in thousands of years and are constantly improved. Indian Balance techniques have their source and inspiration from exactly this natural knowledge. The exercises reveal effective deceleration from the fast moving world into the balance of the present “here and now”. Native methods are easy means when it comes to the search for the originality and harmony in order to focus more on the basics of life. The Native Indians – native inhabitants of North America – as well as the Native Indians of Central and South America (advanced civilization of the Inka and Maya) do enjoy the reputation to lead such a special native life.


Education, workshops and training

The Indian Balance world of education comprises the entire indigenous kinematics and the holistic native integration technology as well as the Aponi massage technique and energy teaching. Every teacher, therapist, instructor or general interested has got an unlimited source of exercises and techniques to choose from for himself and his participants; either from the choice of active kinematics or the manual body and energy utilization.