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Indian Balance
Den Körper bewegen, während die Seele ausruht!

Indian Balance for you


Rediscover the native physical feeling! 

The native knowledge of all cultures today is more wanted than ever: sportsmen as well as untrained more and more trust the natural understanding of body and soul and also the here-of derived healing and motion techniques. They were tested and refined over thousands of years. This is where the source and inspiration of Indian Balance techniques and exercises comes from. They show active deceleration from the fast-moving world into the balance of “Now”, the present. Native methods are easy means when it comes to the search for the originality and harmony in order to focus more on the basics of life. The Native Indians – native inhabitants of North America – as well as the Native Indians of Central and South America (advanced civilization of the Inka and Maya) do enjoy the reputation to lead such a special native life.


Lehrer Korrektur

Special features of the indigenous program

The different elementary levels build up on the quality, calmness and confidence experienced in each body position. They train our balance and stability and, at the same time, give us more mobility and coordination. The flowing and coordinative balance techniques in standing position as well as the earth and ground positions have an impact on our deep muscles and encourage our patience, concentration and endurance.

An important feature is the native abdominal breathing (Kahuna tradition) through the mouth.Applying this method, we are able to activate our breathing potential and to use our breathing space most efficiently. Moreover, the Native breathing technique does support us to obtain energy and vitality, to relieve tensions and stress, restlessness, depressive moods and states of exhaustion. By utilizing the combined breathing technique we are able to physically and mentally reach more balance, tranquility and inner calmness.